How To Develop Android Apps NOW

So, you want to become and Android Developer? Or you have this great idea for an app but don’t know where to start? Congratulations, you have come to the right place… I am going to show you how to develop Android apps!

Android is the upcoming mobile platform. Since the end of 2011 Android handsets have been outselling the iPhone. The Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) is growing very fast, bursting at the seams with apps, apps, and more apps! But don’t let that phase you: as more and more people discover smartphones, the need for great new apps is bigger than ever!

Now, let’s get down to business: you want to develop an app, so where should you start? There are several routes, depending on the skills you already possess and the time and effort you are willing to put in. The most obvious but als the hardest way is

Programming the app yourself

Android apps are built using the Java programming language in combination with something called the “Android SDK”. Do you already know how to code software in Java? Great! You only have to learn your way around the Android SDK and you are good to go. If you know some programming but not in Java, there are also ways to convert your code to Java so it will work on Android devices. But, if you don’t know how to do any programming you can…

Use a software product to develop the app

There are several Android app makers which write Android apps for you! These come in the form of software that either runs on your computer or online. So, you don’t have to learn how to write android apps yourself! However, most of these Android app creators are a bit limited in their flexibility. If you want more control over the end result you can

Outsource the development

There are many freelancers and companies who can develop the app for you. Of course, this option comes at a cost but you will be surprised how much you can get done for only a small amount of money! The advantages are that you don’t have to learn how to program yourself and that you can use your time doing something else.

On this website, you will find all sorts of great tips and strategies for any of these three approaches.

The fact is, it doesn’t really matter how you get it done, which ever way works for you is the best. The goal is to get a cool app published in the Google Play Store. You can make something that possibly millions of people can benefit from… and maybe even make some money while you’re at it!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the other articles on this site to get you started on your app-tastic journey!

Cross-Platform Tools for App Development – Some Good Tools

mobile app designSmartphones are now very common. People make use of smartphones for calling as well as connecting with others through social networks, updates, chatting, and many things. Because of widespread utilization of smartphones, apps programmers are getting in great demand. Software companies look for professionals with good experience in app development. For which the app developers are paid handsome perks.

Today, there are mobile platforms as well as devices available. Devices differ in hardware designs, navigations and styles. Although, to accelerate the making of apps, there’re some tools that allow to build an app which can easily run on various platforms. They’re known to be cross-platform frameworks. Information about such tools will help to build an app which can run on various devices. As a result, loads of time as well as money can be saved by making use of them. You will find many cross-platform app development tools. Let’s discuss some and get more knowledge.

PhoneGap: It’s considered to be the popular cross-platform app development framework. Essentially, PhoneGap allows developers building app in cloud, easily download executable files and install those files on devices. This framework is based upon an open-source model, Apache Cordova which is freely available.

Xamarin: It’s a C# framework which allows building apps for iOS, android as well as Windows. This tool is send with local APIs of iOS, Android or Windows devices.

Appcelerator: By making use of Web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, Python, PHP and Ruby), Appcelerator lets programmers to make native apps for various platforms. The framework possesses more than 300 APIs which is very good.

RhoMobile: This tool is Ruby based. It’s used to build apps for devices and it includes Android, Windows, Symbian, RIM and iOS. This tool helps programmers to write code, store the codes at the central location as well as reuse the codes anywhere. This framework can be moved with advance compatibility and features.

MoSync: It’s an Eclipse similar to Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which supports Java, C/C++, JavaScript, Ruby, PH and other technologies. This is also used for shipping apps to various platforms which include Windows, Android, iOS, iPad as well as Symbian.

Other than these tools, there’re many other thrilling cross-platform app development methods available. You will just have to search the internet and pick the framework that fits your needs to the best. Then you can start with the app developing procedure without having any hassle.

Android Application Development

Android Application Development is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world with its amazing success in the mobile application industry. Applications created using Android are highly consistent and robust compared to other platforms. These factors have increased the demand of Android App development in the market rapidly.

Android is an ever changing and developing platform, it is constanly updating and adding new features. This makes it a great platform for developers as it allows innovation and next gen applications. Many of our developers have been with android from the start, and as the platform has grown in quality so to have our applications.

Our Android Developers have vast experience in developing Android applications. We have expertise in the Android SDK, OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Media APIs, and the JAVA programming language. Our Android app developers have worked with 1.5, 1.6, 2.1 (Éclair), 2.2 (Froyo), and 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.0 (Honeycomb) and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

What Makes the Android OS Special?
Android has attracted millions of users worldwide, including thousands of highly skilled developers, who prefer the platform as it provides very unique qualities, not seen on many of todays popular smart phones. Attributes such as Google Maps and live widgets has made this Linux based platform a big hit around the world. The release of Android 4.1 (JellyBean) has increased Androids assertiveness on the market, with many critics agreeing it to be the best platform available to date.

Hire Our Android Developers
We provide you with your dedicated team based in india, coupled with a UK based consultant and project manager. There are many benefits from hiring our developers or dedicated team.

UK based consultant coupled with a Project Manger
50 app Developers dedicated to building and designing apps for multiple platforms.
Years of experience in project management and team building
Transparent and controlled development process.
Flexible engagement contract.
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Complete control over resources and processes

Windows Phone Social Networking Applications – “Keep In Touch”

At present, social networking apps are the perfect way to keep you connected in any part of the world at any time. If you see, windows have becoming quite famous and lovable choice for everyone as it provides astonshing functionality with high speed. When social networking apps are mixed up with the windows phone, it gives the best valuable results. From last many years, social networking applications have attracted a lot of people globally. There are so many striking social networking applications that are created in bulk for windows phone everyday by windows app development companies, which further share their app services to completely satisfy their clients by providing the best effective results in enhancing their businesses.
Social Networking Apps for Windows Phone truly provides the way, which can connect you with social networking sites directly and gives you facility to socialize your business. These days social networking apps have crossed the bounds of internet and websites and made a perfect way to windows phone too. It becomes very important to keep in touch with a phone call. Now social networking apps have taken their place and made it really simple and easy to connect with other applications on mobile phones and computers too.
Taking proficiency on the top for the social networking apps of windows phone, the developers are completely focusing on making apps that are truly striking and eye-catching. The continuous flow in windows social apps have lead to the formation of various reputed windows app development companies that are providing effective social apps to their clients throughout the world. Soft Prodigy is the perfect image in the field of social networking App development by creating excellent Social applications. They have a team of expert developers who provide the best Social networking applications for windows phone to enhance your business in short span of time.

Mobile App Development – Mobile Application Management Using Mobile App

Here is some guide on mobile app development

Mobile Application Advancement is the process of building and creating software and application programs for mobile phones and wise gadgets. These application and software programs are either put up already throughout the mobile tool’s production or bought from software providers for mobile phones and afterwards set up in the phone, or downloaded and install straight to the smart phone with its internet browser (using its HTTP functionality that makes use of client- and server-side handling). However because this is a very wide subject, this short article will certainly aid you familiarize on your own with what mobile application advancement is everything about.

Software application and application programs for mobile phones are being made, created and developed to operate on the most widely known mobile device platforms and environments today. These are the Android OS, the Blackberry OS, the HP webOS, Windows Mobile, the Symbian OS and the Apple iOS. These implementation settings just sustain the codes and binaries that correspond to its os. Yet exactly what is common among the majority of mobile phones is that they utilize ARM processors. Through the often utilized ARM Design, the codes and binaries of the mobile application are performed in device style for reading by the device’s processor. Development of mobile applications though, still need to be done making use of tools for specific mobile os.

As a developer, it is always a should to determine and do an analysis of what platforms or atmospheres to make use of for the development of smart phone applications and programs. Doing mobile software development gives the developer exposure to the tools of the trade, allowing your man to compose the code faster, examination it, and in the future deploy the mobile application for certain mobile phones and their operating systems. Some of the understood development atmospheres for mobile application development feature the following: Adobe AIR, Android, Application Craft, Water, Battery Tech, Blackberry, Canappi, CloudPact, Corona SDK, iOS SDK, Java ME, Macromedia Flash Lite, Meme IDE,. NET Structure, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and the webOS.

After every advancement phase, the developed and created modules of the mobile application should go through a set of tests to figure out whether it features baseding on the requirements readied to it or otherwise. The task team need to assign among its members to do the testing and capability checks. For mobile application advancement, here are the mobile application test environments that can be used for the Android, phone and Blackberry working systems:.

Google Android Emulator.
Official Android SDK Emulator.
iPhoney; and.
Blackberry .

Other tools include FoneMonkey, Robotium, Sikuli and MITE.

These are things to remember when setting out to create software applications and programs for mobile phones and clever gadgets. It is rather difficult and lengthy to undertake a project of developing mobile applications because there are a great deal of demands to take into consideration and a lot of time is needed for studies, the concurrent development of various modules, and its integration in to one fully-functioning application, and the screening stage that need to be done thoroughly. Mobile software development resembles system software advancement for pcs, and web applications, and internet site development – the item of the job goes through the stages of the system advancement life process (SDLC). For that reason, the only difference is the advancement atmospheres and the operating systems where the mobile applications are going to be

Hire iPhone App Developers

Apps have quickly become more popular with the spread of smartphones and other mobile devices. The more people who use these devices, the more important it is to look for an iPhone application development company to provide you with an app that will appeal to your audience. These apps can serve a number of purposes allowing you to interact with your employees or customers in new ways.
Types of Apps
When you hire iPhone app developers from our India company, you will be able to select from a number of app types. Some of the most common types of apps include:
Basic Table Functionality – These apps simply provide information to users in an easy-to-use manner.

Database Driven Customized Functionality – This type of app is customizable, allowing you to display information through a number of methods.

Games – These are among the most popular types of apps, creating a fun way for customers to interact with you.

Enhancement of Firmware – The iPhone runs specific firmware to function. This type of app makes changes to that firmware to create different functionalities.

Fully Dynamic – These apps obtain information from outside sources, particularly other websites.

Custom Utilities – These apps are designed to provide specific functionality for its users.
The Process
Our iPhone app development company provides you with a smooth process so you can rely on your app to work well for its users. It all begins with your idea. Once you give our iPhone app developers in India your idea, we will turn it into a functional app for your business. We will design your app around that centralized idea, customizing it and testing it until it works as it should. Only then will we go live with your new iPhone app.
One of the biggest concerns with app development is the cost. Our iPhone app developers in India work hard for less cost so you can get the app you need without breaking your budget. Our goal is to make iPhone app development more affordable for businesses. Because these apps can play a major role in the success of your business, it is important to find mobile app development that fits within your budget. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with the app development they need to stand apart from their competitors.

iPhone Applications

With over 100 million iPhones and more than 1 million Apple apps sold since its release, iPhone has quickly become the biggest smart phone on the market. With its revolutionary, design and usablity the iPhone has transformed the mobile market making it smart and efficient.
iPhone Gaming

The iPhone prides itself on being a strong gaming platform. Our Dedicated game developers utilise this and produce quality driven games. Our game developers work hard to ensure that your idea achieves its full potential and does not fall short in any department.
Publishing Development

The iPad and iPhone are a great medium for your books and novels, in this growing market it is evident that eBooks are here to stay with eBook sales exceeding paper books in 2011. This means that the market is growing and with our help, you can tap into this promising market.